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The Iron Man Library Site Updates Archive

Last two years of site updates for The Iron Man Library (created on December 29, 2009).

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Who let Punisher in here?

December 4, 2017
The surprise addition this week is the Marvel Legacy Punisher series starting with #218. Frank Castle earns a place in the Iron-sphere by wearing the War Machine armour, as Nick Fury Jr sends him after a military dictator.

Peter Silvestro continues to fill in a gap in the 1998 Captain America series with #15 which is the start of a new Red Skull epic, but also has a cameo from Iron Man with the broken pieces of Cap's shield.

I've given T Vernon the week off because there's a lot of Avengers West Coast issues to fit in between Iron Man #252 and #253.
#56-57 are the end of John Byrne's run and feature the team trying to pry an evil Scarlet Witch from the clutches of Magneto.
In fill-in issue #58 they get diverted from their task to deal with the effects of a man-made earthquake in Los Angeles.
I haven't done the 2nd fill-in #59 because it takes place in 1 of the alternate timelines that are being deleted by Immortus.
In next week's issues Roy&Dann Thomas will combine and resolve the Immortus/Magneto/Scarlet Witch plots.



You can't keep good villains down

November 27, 2017
In the 2nd new Legacy issue INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #594 Ironheart and friends fight the Stark Industries board, and Iron Doom fights a lot of supervillains (including Chemistro and Wrecker in significant roles) that he arrested lately. But nobody does anything about finding Tony Stark.

And in the 2nd part of his Acts Of Vengeance tie-in IRON MAN (1968) #252 T Vernon tells us how Iron Man fought Chemistro (after fighting Wrecker last issue).

Then Shellhead moves over to AVENGERS WEST COAST #53-54 to fight more random AoV battles against the U-Foes and Mole-Man. But at least #55 is more significant as it's the wrap-up of the whole Event with lots of Avengers defeating Loki, the man behind it all. But he'll return immediately in the Thor series.



The end of Utopia is the beginning

November 20, 2017
This week I give you US AVENGERS #11. I'm continuing with the last 2 issues of this series even though Toni Ho is no longer Iron Patriot. The team are off to rescue MIA member Cannonball from Archie Andrews (who to us British was a ventriloquist's dummy).

In Dark Reign the Utopia crossover ends with DARK AVENGERS/UNCANNY X-MEN: EXODUS. At last an actual fight between the 2 teams. Dani Moonstar has become Valkyrie again to defeat Ares. And Emma Frost persuades Sentry to quit the battle. After that the X-Men can't lose, and they live happily ever after on Utopia island.

T Vernon takes Iron Man into the Acts Of Vengeance event with IRON MAN (1968) #251. Shellhead only just survives the Wrecker but then Chemistro joins in.



Unbelievably ...

November 13, 2017
... this week's new Iron issue is GWENPOOL #22. Gwen Poole is a comics geek who's fallen into the Marvel Universe. Using her comics knowledge and the ability to step out of the panels, she's carving a place for herself. Now she goes after Victor Von Doom to prove herself worthy to be in the Avengers. But she doesn't know he's changed his spots and become Iron Doom.

Working backwards through time we come to UNCANNY X-MEN #514 and DARK AVENGERS #8 as the Utopia crossover continues. Cyclops prepares his masterplan and then we see the 2 main elements:- The raising of a sunken Asteroid M to be mutants' new homeland Utopia, and the rescue of Norman Osborn's mutant prisoners from Alcatraz. Plus the Dark X-Men break up.

Peter Silvestro provides IRON MAN & CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL '98 as Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have a clash of ideologies while fighting AIM but come to respect each other's POV. (As Peter suggests, a pre-echo of Civil War I.)

And furthest back of all (in chronological content but not publication date) T Vernon finishes Iron Man: Legacy Of Doom with #4 as Iron Man and Dr Doom team up to save Earth from an extra-dimensional monster composed of eyeballs (that Doom had previously angered).



Continuing where we left off

November 6, 2017
Just old stuff again.

The Utopia crossover continues in UNCANNY X-MEN #513 where Emma Frost meets her new Dark X-Men and adds Sub-Mariner to the ranks, and DARK AVENGERS #7 where they go on their 1st mission.

And T Vernon continues Iron Man: Legacy of Doom with #3 where Shellhead fights Dr Doom who has the sword Excalibur in order to win the sword's mystic scabbard.



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