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Thor: The Dark World Hammers Competition with $85+ Million Dollars In First US Weekend

Posted on November 11, 2013
BOX OFFICE NEWS: Thor's 2013 sequel movie, Thor: The Dark World, raised $86.1 million dollars in its first weekend in US cinemas, "hammering" the competition (none were able to raise past $12 million).

As Entertainment Weekly reports, the second Thor movie, which debuted on Friday, November 8, 2013, raised 30%+ more than its predecessor, "Thor" (from 2011), and it is near $250 million worldwide since its release a week earlier (in other select countries).

Disney spent $170 million to make "Thor: The Dark World", but ticket sales (overall, worldwide) have already doubled that investment amount.

This is the best November opening for Disney ever. Second is now "The Incredibles", coincidentally a super hero movie as well.

Check out the movie synopsis (and leave your comments!) in our Thor: The Dark World page here.



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