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Iron Man after Secret Wars

Posted on July 11, 2015
Marvel has announced a new Iron Man series after Secret Wars, reported in places like here. It's still Tony Stark inside the armour, and it's clear that in the post-SW reality he still has connections to the recent past of Marvel's Earth-616. Pepper Potts is his enemy for what he did as Superior Iron Man. Tony is looking for his biological parents after he discovered he was adopted in The Secret Origin Of Tony Stark. It remains to be seen how dead Stark and destroyed Earth-616 get resurrected after Secret Wars. And how he becomes un-Superior.

Of course the details of other post-SW comics suggest that post-SW Earth is quite different in other respects from the Earth-616 we know, and many aspects of Battleworld will carry over.

It seemed possible at first that the non-Ultimate Tony Stark in the Ultimate End mini-series was the Earth-616 version preserved by Dr Doom along with other Marvel heroes. But there were discrepancies between those heroes and their latest pre-SW incarnations, not least being that this Tony is un-Superior (eg teetotal). A comment by Dr Strange to the Ultimate Spider-Man in Secret Wars #4 suggests that the Ultimate heroes in Ultimate End are the real deal, but the Marvel Earth heroes aren't.

The plot of Ultimate End offers the possibility that the non-Ultimate heroes are from an alternate timeline split off from Earth-616 during All-New X-Men #31, before Stark was turned Superior in Axis. I thought maybe this was where the future Iron Man could come from. But unfortunately not if he remembers being Superior Iron Man.



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