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After Secret Wars III?

Posted on March 22, 2015
The internet is awash with speculations as to the outcome of Secret Wars III (eg at They range from putting everything back as it was to before say the Infinity event (including therefore deleting the new versions of Cap, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor) to a total reboot of the whole Marvel Universe (like DC's New 52 was a great success).

Some reports concentrate on the ending of the Ultimate universe, including a possible merger of the 2 universes.

Some ideas centre around aligning the MU closer to its cinematic version. The problem of different groups of characters owned by different movie companies is mentioned.

An interesting theory is at which explains why the Marvel Studios films never mention Fantastic Four, Spider-Man or X-Men. It separates the inhabitants of the movie franchises in a much cleverer way than Heroes Reborn split the MU.

So here's my pedestrian suggestion:- They'll keep all the franchises in the same universe, but take the opportunity to bring them more into line with the movie versions. In particular the movie Avengers is closer in spirit to the Ultimates - they work for SHIELD and Nick Fury always looked like Samuel Jackson. So maybe the Ultimates will effectively replace the Avengers, but not in name.



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