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About The Iron Man Website


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The Iron Man Library ( is a non-official, fan-made-and-maintained website (unaffiliated with Marvel Comics) that offers a vast quantity of information and images (from comics and movies) about Marvel Comics' household character the Invincible Iron Man.

Site Managers

The Iron Man Library currently has two site managers: Rob Johnson (from Great Britain), and Julio Molina-Muscara (from Argentina, also the site's webmaster). Rob mostly adds comic book synopses and site update entries. And Julio mostly adds specific content like videos, images and news.

Site Contributors

Site Manager Rob Johnson has written many Iron Man, and Avengers related comic synopses, reviews and comments.

The Iron Man Library and the rest of the Super Hero Library sites (Hulk, Captain America and Thor) also include synopses by Thor, Captain America, and Doc Savage Library Site Manager Peter Silvestro. Other talented writers include Julio Molina-Muscara, T. Vernon, Arcturus Jackson, Kevin Hollander, plus dozens more.

> Full list of contributors and their credits

Main Website Sections

  • Comics Library
    Vast resource about practically every Iron Man comic ever published by Marvel comics in the USA. There is detailed information about each comic including basic data like titles, publishing dates and credits, and more specific data like ratings, credits, comments, and (in most cases) a detailed synopsis. Covers are shown for each comic. Alternate covers and interior pages for some and where applicable. The Comics Library is a helpful reference for all comic book readers, and collectors.

  • Movies
    Information and images about Iron Man (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010) and Iron Man 3 (2013). Visit the Mighty Thor Library for a special page about Marvel's the Avengers movie. This section includes cast photos, trivia, video clips, movie screenshots, and more, making it a great resource for super hero movie aficionados.

  • Image Galleries
    Cool Iron Man related images including HD wallpapers, pin-ups (poster like drawings), comic book covers, movie photos, fan artwork, and Iron Man original artwork for sale.

Use the top menu, the side buttons and other links throughout the site to access all of the pages in the site.


The Iron Man Library site was created (conceived, designed, developed) by Julio Molina-Muscara and it went live on December 29, 2009.

The Iron Man Library is the sixth Super Hero Library website from the Library series. The first site was The Incredible Hulk Library, created by Julio in (the previous century, on June of) 1997. The Incredible Hulk Library is the oldest Hulk "fan website" there is, and one of the oldest comic fan sites as well.