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Our hero gets involved in other people's business

September 19, 2016
No Civil War II this week. Instead I've got a couple of guest appearances by our guy in other stuff.

In BLACK WIDOW #6 Tony Stark wants to know if Natasha Romanoff was really responsible for Ho Yinsen getting captured by terrorists in Iron Man's origin.

And in HYPERION #6 the Golden Avenger tries to arrest Hype for the murder of Sub-Mariner.

There's no T Vernon this week either. I've given him a couple of weeks off while I catch up with Shellhead's appearances between his #201 and #202.

This week he takes his new red and white armour to a crossover in the 1st 2 issues each of the West Coast Avengers ongoing series and the 2nd Vision & Scarlet Witch limited series, defending Henry Pym, Vizh and Wonder Man from Grim Reaper and Ultron. It starts in WCA#1, and links will take you to the other comics.


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