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The Iron Man Library Site Updates Archive

Last two years of site updates for The Iron Man Library (created on December 29, 2009).

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2 Iron Patriots but only 1 Iron Man

July 10, 2017
US AVENGERS #7 is a Secret Empire tie-in where Iron Patriot and Red Hulk are captured by Hydra in the battle for Washington, and Enigma and Squirrel Girl teleport to Paris where they join the French Resistance, er ... Champions of Europe.

I've updated comments on WAR MACHINE (2009) #6-10, the Homeland arc where Rhodey and some fellow ex-West Coast Avengers face Ultimo and a different Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn).

And T Vernon takes us back to simpler times in IRON MAN (1968) #237 where Iron Man has to fight an evolving alien on a space station.



3 Iron Man titles this time but he's only in the oldest 1

July 3, 2017
Peter Silvestro has delivered SECRET EMPIRE #5 in which AI Tony Stark's Underground team give up and return with only 2 fragments of the Cosmic Cube. Mockingbird betrays them and Hydra comes for them with a secret weapon - Bruce Banner.

I've added yet more comments on tie-ins to the SE issues so far.

My 2-weekly journey to Liverpool has this week netted me both current Iron-issues.

In INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #8 Ironheart is sent by Sharon Carter of SHIELD to confront Lucia Von Bardas in Latveria.

And in INFAMOUS IRON MAN #9 she captures Dr Doom in Latveria and brings him back to Carter. And these 2 stories have nothing to do with each other.

For Dark Reign I've just done updated comments again, this time in WAR MACHINE (2009) #1-5 where James Rhodes and his team contend with the Ultimo virus.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #236 concludes the Grey Gargoyle story and all the petrified women are restored to health.



Tony Stark a rebel in 2 eras

June 26, 2017
The Secret Empire bandwagon keeps trundling on as Peter Silvestro brings us SE: UNDERGROUND. Following on from SE#4 the Tony Stark AI's team leave Ultron in the Arctic to gain another Cosmic Cube fragment in the Savage Land (in the Antarctic).

My contribution to Dark Reign this week is just some updated comments for IRON MAN (2008) #8-13 as Shellhead goes on the run from Norman Osborn's forces.

And T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #235 is the opening of a 2-parter featuring Grey Gargoyle turning terrified women into stone statues. This was published as slasher movies were passing their high point.



Teams and team-ups

June 19, 2017
Peter Silvestro gives us 2 Secret Empire goodies this week:-

In SE#4 both sides have sent teams after Cosmic Cube fragments. Ultron/Hank Pym kidnaps them and tells them off, then gives his fragment to the Resistance out of sympathy for the underdogs.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON #23 tells us how Sam helped AI Iron Man's team get where they were going, and got carried along with them.

I've added tie-in comments to all SE issues.

Resolutely still before SE (but only until next issue) AVENGERS (2016) #8 has new pal Iron Doom called in to help them against Avenger X.

In Dark Reign MIGHTY AVENGERS (2007) #21-23 has what looks like Scarlet Witch recruit a new team of Avengers to save the world from Chthon.

And back in simpler times T Vernon tells us how IRON MAN (1968) #234 Shellhead teamed up with Spider-Man for a romp with Radioactive Man.



Stuck in the past again

June 12, 2017
We've just got 3 layers of past Iron Man-ical history to report on this week.

In 2009's Dark Reign it's *maniacal* history as Iron Patriot confronts the Young Avengers in DR:YA#4-5.

In the 1990's Peter Silvestro tells us how Tony Stark creates an armour to support Captain America's weakened body in CA (1968) #438.

And T Vernon takes us back to the 80's where IM (1968) #233 introduces us to Kathy Dare who will be a deadly new girlfriend for Tony.



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