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The Iron Man Library Site Updates Archive

Last two years of site updates for The Iron Man Library (created on December 29, 2009).

Note: Details on the LATEST site update is found on the Home page.

Iron Man in time and other dimensions

March 13, 2017
Iron Man and the rest of the really original Avengers get yanked through time to participate in AVENGERS #5 - the 1st of 2 parts showing how a conglomeration of Avengers took down Kang last issue. And we learn that Vision survives for millennia.

T Vernon finishes off the 3-part intro of the Ghost in IRON MAN (1968) #221, and this time it's personal - for Ghost.

Shellhead then takes time out for some other adventures with his pals.

Peter Silvestro has already documented a crossover between MEPHISTO VS. #4 and THOR (1966) #381 where the Avengers and West Coast Avengers get caught up in a fight between Hela and Mephisto for Thor's soul. And it ends with Thor becoming the Destroyer.

Then there's the 2nd annual crossover in WEST COAST AVENGERS ANNUAL #2 and AVENGERS (1967) ANNUAL #16 where both teams fight each other and a Legion of dead heroes and villains in the realm of Death as part another of Grandmaster's schemes.



Iron Man downgrades but we're going to upgrade

March 6, 2017
Only 2 issues this week.

In the current era INFAMOUS IRON MAN #5 follows Victor von Doom's clash with his witchy mother, and at the end reveals that the villainous Maker (the Ultimate Reed Richards) is behind it all.

T Vernon adds IRON MAN (1968) #220 where Ghost kills Spymaster (but it's Marvel so he'll eventually be back), and Tony Stark reverts temporarily to the red & gold Iron Man armour.

Julio's working on changes to this site. As well as being glossier and easier to navigate the biggest immediate difference will be that this Library and others (Captain America, Hulk and Thor) will be part of 1 big site, opening the way for more add-ons.



Pirates and ghosts

February 27, 2017
The new comic this week is US AVENGERS #3. The gang defeat Golden Skull's robot/pirate/millionaire horde and Captain America goes back to the future.

I've finally got back to Dark Reign in this Library. In AVENGERS INITIATIVE #23-24 Norman Osborn closes down Camp Hammond. But at least he rescues the Shadow Initiative from Madripoor, so he can't be all bad.

Michelayton kick into high gear introducing major new villain Ghost in IRON MAN (1968) #219. T Vernon's on the case.



No armour, old armour or new armour?

February 20, 2017
INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #4 has unarmoured Riri Williams and Pepper Potts fighting Japanese ninjas with lightsabers, and the Tony Stark AI sends an old Golden Avenger armour to help them.

And in IRON MAN (1968) #218 T Vernon tells us how the original Iron Man used new deep-sea armour to battle a Russian robot.



Exit Civil War II, enter Secret Empire

February 13, 2017
Ignore the cover of CIVIL WAR II: THE OATH. Iron Man's in a coma and Captain Marvel is marginalised as Captain America (the Steve Rogers 1) is given the keys of the kingdom. And we see the Hydra-ruled future he plans that was revealed to him in Ulysses' vision in CWII#5, and which will arrive in the Secret Empire event.

Meanwhile MOON GIRL & DEVIL DINOSAUR #15 guest stars Ironheart (Riri Williams) from Invincible Iron Man to face a Dr Doom who almost certainly isn't the Victor Von Doom from Infamous Iron Man.

I'm still not doing anything about Dark Reign on this site, but I've made a start with Avengers Initiative #20-22 in the Thor Lib. Despite the cover banner this is more a Secret Invasion epilogue as Skrull-abductee Thor Girl fights the Thor-clone Ragnarok, a Skrull revenge plan triggered by their failure.

T Vernon provides IRON MAN (1968) #217 and Michelinie and Layton make their mark on the series by bringing back their corporate villain Justin Hammer and introducing Marcy Pearson who will figure large in the new Stark Enterprises.



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