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The Iron Man Library Site Updates Archive

Last two years of site updates for The Iron Man Library (created on December 29, 2009).

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The Avengers don't approve of Iron Patriot *or* Iron Man

May 15, 2017
During Dark Reign in NEW AVENGERS (2005) #50 the New Avengers go after Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers but are tricked into fighting Hood's gang instead.

Meanwhile in DARK AVENGERS (2009) #2 Osborn leaves them to it and takes his team to the aid of his Cabal pal Dr Doom who's being attacked in Latveria by his spurned ex-lover Morgan Le Fay.

Back when comic runs ran into the 100's T Vernon finds IRON MAN (1968) #229. Iron Man is fired from the West Coast Avengers and causes an international incident by going after the Stark-tech in the armour of Russian heroes Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man.

And Peter Silvestro already documented CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #341 where the angry Captain confronts Tony Stark over his recent actions.



Iron Man and Cap just can't ever be on the same side!

May 8, 2017
Peter Silvestro does SECRET EMPIRE #1. Captain America and Hydra's rule is now in full swing. We see some of the resistance. And the Tony Stark AI gets drunk.

Meanwhile before (I think) SE kicked off Victor von Doom continues his 1-(Iron)Man war against supervillains in INFAMOUS IRON MAN #7, and tries to patch things up with Thing.

And in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #228 we see Iron Man's 1-man (with Rhodey's help as Electro!?) war against other users of Stark-tech armour take him up against other good guys the Guardsmen of the Vault. And Steve Rogers the Captain.

Peter Silvestro already (in 2013) wrote up CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #340 which overlaps with the above issue, and continues as Cap recaptures some escapees from the Vault.

Shellhead then heads over to WEST COAST AVENGERS #31 to witness a grudge match between Wonder Man and Arkon. As a result of Armour Wars he won't be in WCA again until #50 after IM#245.



From Stark (Armour) Wars to Secret Empire

May 1, 2017
I've added some comments to SECRET EMPIRE #0 describing some of the plotlines that led up to SE ...

... a minor 1 of which was in US AVENGERS #5 where Steve Rogers visits Roberto da Costa to suss the team out as a potential problem.

T Vernon's offering this week is IRON MAN (1968) #227 where Tony Stark and the sacked Iron Man 'conspire' to eliminate SHIELD's Stark-tech-based Mandroids. And did you know that all this time Shellhead has really been a guy named Randall Pierce?

The Official Marvel Index slips a couple of issues in before the end of #227:-

I already documented HULK SMASH AVENGERS #4 where the West Coast Avengers tangle with Joe Fixit the grey Hulk.

Now I add WCA#30 where an alien tests Earth's defences by attacking the team.

Then the end of #227 overlaps with the end of CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #339, already written up by Peter Silvestro, as the Captain gets dragged in for a crossover we'll get to next week.



Riri Williams gets 3 job offers before Secret Empire makes them all moot

April 24, 2017
In INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #6 Ironheart gets 3 offers of 'employment' from Stark Industries, from MIT and from the Champions. She can't make up her mind so she takes it out on Armadillo.

Secret Empire starts with a blast in SE#0 and Peter Silvestro is here to give you a blow-by-blow account. Steve-Cap and Hydra basically win the game, and it'll take the rest of the event to restore the status quo.

AVENGERS #6 finishes off the Kang story in a confusing timey-wimey way, which (I think) leaves Marvel history intact but prevents Kang from doing anything else - but of course leaves it open for him to be brought back later.

Back in 1988 WEST COAST AVENGERS #38 has Wonder Man recalling an untold (fill-in) adventure of the team that happened ...

... before Iron Man returns to Armour Wars in IRON MAN (1968) #226. T Vernon tells us how Shellhead mistakenly targets hero Stingray, which causes Tony Stark to pretend to disown him.

Then in WCA#29 Moon Knight takes private and fatal vengeance on Taurus, the last living member of Zodiac (until Libra turns up alive in Avengers Forever).



This week we're reduced to a single time-period

April 17, 2017
T Vernon begins Armour Wars in IRON MAN (1968) #225. Tony Stark discovers that Force's armour was based on Stark's designs which he got from Justin Hammer. He gets Scott Lang (Ant-Man) to steal a list of other villains whom Hammer has supplied, and Iron Man starts going after them to disable their armour.

But Shellhead still finds time to fight the LMD Zodiac with his Avengers in WEST COAST AVENGERS #26-28.



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