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Invincible Iron Man (1968 series) #222 Comic Book

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The Party

Date of Publication
September 1987
Cover Price

Our Rating:
4 stars


David Michelinie
Mark Bright
Bob Layton
Bob Sharen
Mark Bright
Cover Penciler
Bob Layton
Cover Inker

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by T Vernon

Iron Man destroys several blocks worth of abandoned and dangerous buildings as part of an urban renewal project. Which gets him in trouble with the union for taking jobs away from workers. He jets on home to make ready for his big housewarming party that evening. Tony Stark heads to his office and discovers that Mrs. Arbogast has returned as this secretary. Rhodey arrives too and he bickers with Mrs. A. Tony heads to the lab and Rhodey heads home where he is met by an amorous Marcy Pearson....

That night it is raining and security is turning away anyone who doesn't have an invitation. Tony is late as he has lost track of time in the lab; a call from Mrs. Arbogast reminds him and he dons the Iron Man armor and jets off to the party. Passing over a busy highway, he spots a tanker truck on fire. Zipping down, Shellhead pulls the driver to safety and hurls the volatile truck into the distance where it explodes harmlessly over the ocean. Iron Man is then asked to fly a pregnant woman to the hospital; he does so, arriving in the nick of time. There, he is stopped by a police officer telling him about dangerous mud slides in Malibu; Shellhead moves along to this next crisis where he carries rescue vehicles over muddy blockades and props up a house in danger of falling. As this ends, he hears a little girl calling for help because her cat is stuck in a tree; exasperated the hero gets the cat down and hurries along to his party....

He flies though an undersea entrance where he can doff his armor and dress up for the gala. Problem is, he's so late many of the guests have departed. He does meet an aspiring actress who crashed the party and he even introduces her to a famous director. Later Tony tells Rhodey all about his troubles and gets some sympathy....

Epilogue: The villain Force sinks a merchant ship at the behest of his employer but his mind is actually on a plan of revenge against Tony Stark....



T (March 13, 2017)
Comments: Mrs Arbogast last appeared in issue #201. Marcy Pearson was introduced in #217. First appearance of security chief Garrison Quint. The fellow whose house is saved by Iron Man appears intended to resemble Larry Hagman, star of DALLAS; his statement “It was all a dream” is a gag reference to that series as well. Then-football star William “Refrigerator” Perry is seen at the party. And Steven Spielberg and Dr Ruth Westheimer are implied to be guests at Tony's party. Senator Fielding appears to be a fictitious character. And there's an odd joke about the late Indira Gandhi (assassinated nearly three years before this issue was published). Force previously appeared in IRON MAN #140-141. Biggest question: Why is the little girl's cat blue?

T (March 13, 2017)
Review: Lighthearted and amusing little tale makes for a nice respite from the usual superheroing adventures. It's one of those where everything is an annoyance preventing the hero from getting where he needs to be and turning out okay (sort of) in the end. Cool and entertaining, if a bit predicable (you didn't think he was going to get to the party on time, did you?).

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