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What, no Secret Empire?

July 17, 2017
No new issues this week, partly because Secret Empire #6 has been delayed until next week, but also because I didn't get to Liverpool this week. We'll have to make do with 2 issues from the past.

Dark Reign continues with AVENGERS: INITIATIVE #25. Norman Osborn tries to get heroes to serve in his Initiative with mixed success - including triggering the formation of the Avengers Resistance.

T Vernon presents IRON MAN (1968) #238 where Iron Man fights Rhino while several subplots bubble underneath.


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Iron Man Online Games

Since the first Iron Man movie came out in 2008, a rain of Iron Man online games was unleashed onto the web. The peak followed the introduction of the sequel when Microgaming created the Iron Man 2 Slot Game in 2010. This game had a huge progressive Jackpot, combining all Marvel slots jackpots in one place. Such created a chance for the ultimate win as described in this detailed review by OCC, one of the largest Canadian reviews portals.

A free version of the Iron Man 2 Slots Game game is available online.

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