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Infamous Iron Man #6 Comic Book

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Date of Publication
March 2017
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Our Rating:
4 stars


Brian Michael Bendis
Alex Maleev
Alex Maleev
Matt Hollingsworth
Alex Maleev
Cover Penciler
Alex Maleev
Cover Inker
Alex Maleev
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Rob Johnson

We begin with a flashback to the well-known days of Victor von Doom, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm at State University. Reed and his roommate Ben watch Victor at work on a device to contact the dead - specifically his mother. Reed wants to be friends because he sees Victor as the only person at the college with an intellect at the same level as his own. Doom of course thinks he's much superior. Richards offers to help, but Doom is suspicious and rejects him. (We all know that his invention will blow up in his face, literally.)

In the present ex-villain and Iron Man Doom is continuing his crusade against other villains (Diablo in #1 and Mad Thinker in #2). In Pittsburgh the Wizard is worried and contacts MODOK suggesting they gather fellow-members of the Intelligencia, rescue Thinker from SHIELD and plan their defence. But Iron Doom is already on him.

Wizard flies on large anti-gravity discs and Doom too is in the air. Bentley Wittman uses his Wonder Gloves to counter Doom's attacks. They both know that the gloves, even though improved, aren't enough. But Wizard is just using them as a distraction while he gets anti-grav discs attached to Victor's armoured feet.

The discs take Doom high in the air, and he discovers that they are immune to sorcery. So he commands his armour to disengage its boots, and lets himself fall towards the ground. At the last minute he uses his (sorcerous?) version of repulsor rays to stop from crashing.

Von Doom heads back to the fight. He has Wittman on the ropes when he suddenly has a vision of a giant circular artificial something. Wizard uses the opportunity to zap Doom and run away.

Elsewhere Cynthia von Doom and the Maker (the villainous Reed Richards from the Ultimate Universe) are watching via a mystical cauldron. Cynthia is worried about her son but Maker convinces her to stick to their plan.

SHIELD Agents led by Commander Sharon Carter show up to arrest Victor. He demands to talk to Director Maria Hill, but Sharon says she's been fired. Von Doom suggests Carter stand down or he won't be responsible for the consequences. But all this was stalling while his armour rebooted. Then he flies away and then disappears using magic.

In Chicago Riri Williams hears news on her laptop of the fight between SHIELD and someone like Iron Man. She suits up as Ironheart and flies off to investigate.



Rob (April 8, 2017)
Wizard started off as a recurring opponent of Human Torch in Strange Tales. He graduated to being the leader of Fantastic Four's repeat foes the Frightful Four.
He invented his anti-gravity discs in ST #118. They were usually small discs that he attached to things or people to make them float. He also used the same technology to make anti-grav aircraft. I can't remember seeing the large discs here before.
He invented the Wonder Gloves in FF#78.

This MODOK is the latest in a long line of these super-intelligent cyber-organisms. The original was created by AIM in the Captain America story in Tales of Suspense #93 from 1 of the their own named George Tarleton. The current 1 that calls itself MODOK Superior was created from a cloned brain of Tarleton in Hulk (2008) #29.

The Intelligencia is a group of highly intelligent supervillains that débuted in Fall Of The Hulks: Alpha, but flashbacks indicate that the group dates back to before the Beyonder's 2 Secret Wars (but not necessarily with the same members).
That 1st-seen group included Wizard and the original Tarleton MODOK. But that MODOK was devolved back to George Tarleton later5 in the story arc, paving the way for MODOK Superior.
Dr Doom was also a member of that group.

Maria Hill was sacked as Director of SHIELD in CA: Steve Rogers #10. Sharon Carter declined the job in favour of Cap. (But of course Cap now works for Hydra and this is all part of the build-up to Secret Empire.)

Riri Williams/Ironheart is of course the star of the other current (Invincible) Iron Man series.

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