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Iron Man 2 movie

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Tony Stark is the man who has it all: Money, smarts, women, fame... But, he's fatally ill. He will have to resolve that, and face a formidable enemy, Whiplash, with his army of androids. But this time he's not alone.


Action - Adventure Fantasy - Super Hero

Release Date

May 7, 2010

Our Rating

4 stars


Marvel Studios / Paramount Pictures


Jon Favreau

Cast (Overview)

Light, camera, action!

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Note: A detailed synopsis will be posted a few days after the movie's debut. In the meantime, check out all of the other info, photos and videos we have on the movie right now.

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Video Clips

Videos related to the movie including deleted scenes, interviews and teaser trailers.

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Screenshots, photographs and images from the movie.

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Cast (Additional Photos and Information)

More photos and information about the actors and actresses in this movie. Additional info includes date of birth, place of birth, age in the movie and height.