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The Iron Man Library Site Updates Archive

Last two years of site updates for The Iron Man Library (created on December 29, 2009).

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Back to the future

October 16, 2017
I've no new titles to report on this week, so it's back to the past.

In AVENGERS: INITIATIVE #28 Norman Osborn's grip on the Initiative starts to slip as the Nevada Heavy Hitters team quit, helped by Tigra's Avengers Resistance.

And T Vernon does IRON MAN (1968) #250 where Iron Man and Dr Doom have been taken to the future by Merlin to aid reincarnated King Arthur against an older Doom and an evil future Iron Man descendant of Tony Stark.



Everybody's leaving

October 9, 2017
The US Avengers start to break up in their #10. Sunspot resigns, Gen'l Maverick can't be Red Hulk anymore, Toni Ho's giving up being Iron Patriot, the Government want to deport Enigma, and nobody believes Squirrel Girl could really have done all the things in her comics. But at least Smasher turns up to say Cannonball's still alive.

In the historical section we finish off Atlantis Attacks. I've added comments to Seahammer's THOR ANNUAL #14 where Thor and Dr Strange kick the demon Set out of our dimension. And then everybody gangs together in FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #22 to free the 7 Brides from Ghaur and Llyra, who also disappear.

Then Iron Man goes back to his own series in IRON MAN (1968) #249 to battle Dr Doom over a pair of mysterious artefacts, which ends with them transported to another time as they'll discover next issue. T Vernon's on the case.



Triple whammy

October 2, 2017
This week we have synopses for issues from 3 different Iron Man series (but only 1 of them starring Tony Stark).

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #11 does at least feature Tony in flashbacks as Riri Williams and Mary Jane Watson reveal that they each actually met Stark well before their official introductions. And then AI Friday takes us into the Legacy era when she discovers comatose Tony is missing.

INFAMOUS IRON MAN #12 ignores Stark completely as it concludes the pre-Secret Empire storyline of Iron Doom and Mephisto. But it sows a couple of seeds to grow during Legacy.

These are both the last issues of their series before the Legacy Invincible Iron Man title starts with #593.

And Peter Silvestro brings us MARVEL LEGACY itself. The main line is a story spanning the past million years involving a Celestial, Asgardians, an Infinity Stone, the Avengers 1,000,000 BC and the return of Wolverine (and maybe of Franklin and Valeria Richards). But there are also pages hinting at the upcoming stories in the Legacy titles, including the search for the missing Tony Stark. And Ironheart gets to play Avenger with Sam-Cap and Jane-Thor.

The original Shellhead is of course in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #248 where paralysed Tony Stark walks again ...

... just in time to take part in 2 of the Atlantis Attacks annuals. AVENGERS ANNUAL #18 has a shedload of Avengers fighting Atlanteans invading the US. And AVENGERS WEST COAST ANNUAL #4 has a cut-down group trying to rescue the 7 Brides of Set and stop that demon manifesting on Earth.



Team-ups great and small

September 25, 2017
It's another of those weeks where I have no new comics to report on. (Invincible Iron Man #11 came out but I didn't go to Liverpool this week.)

Meanwhile Dark Reign ambles on with MIGHTY AVENGERS #30 where we find loads of Avengers from different teams assembling to fight the Unspoken who wants to turn humanity into Alpha Primitives. (But Norman Osborn won't let the Dark Avengers play.) (I've also written up the conclusion in #31 for the Captain America Library, but if you go to #30 from here you can get to #31 too.)

T Vernon and IRON MAN (1968) #247 give us Iron Man and Gray Hulk separately caught up in the war between Madame Masque & the Maggia and AIM & Hydra.

They then team up to continue the fight in HULK (1968) #361 which Julio Molina-Muscara briefly synopsised a long time ago.



The once and future Tony Stark

September 18, 2017
In GENERATIONS: IRON MAN & IRONHEART Ironheart gets sent to the future not the past, and meets Tony Stark Sorcerer Supreme not Iron Man.

Peter Silvestro *really* concludes Secret Empire with SE: OMEGA as good Captain America visits bad Cap in prison and we get some clues about upcoming developments.

As SE is wrapped up I've completed and reorganised my tie-in comments in SE#0-8. (SE#9&10 don't have any tie-in issues.)

In Dark Reign's AVENGERS: INITIATIVE #26 we meet some of Norman Osborn's new Initiative teams, and the Avengers Resistance go into action.

And in IRON MAN (1968) #246 T Vernon brings us the start of a 3 (or 4) part arc featuring a war between AIM, Hydra and the Maggia.



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